Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hang With Me Video!

Robyn just released The 'Hang With Me' Vid from Body Talk Pt.2! Check it OUt!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who is The Queen of the Summer?

The summer of 2010 has seen some amazing artists do some amazing things with music. And like every summer, they all compete for the title of the song of the season. From Kelis to Gaga and Perry to Robyn, this summer seemed to be ran by ladies whos amazing songs all charted at the number one spot. So it is obvious for me to ask who is the Queen of the summer?

Robyn's Dancing On MY Own - The first single off Robyn's number one charting Body Talk series. The dance pop single has charted in various places across the globe. The record was claimed as a Hot One! and still is. Dancing On My Own is currently climbing U.S. Dance Club Play. Is the emotional dance record master of the summer beats?

Kelly Rowland's Commander - Kelly Rowland has made a lot of buzz over the past year. After firing her manager and being dropped from her label, Kelly Rowland rose up like a champ with her number one single 'When Love Takes Over' and her latest global hit 'Commander.' The Guetta produced dance track 'Commander' has been making waves all over the globe. With the release of the steamy video and fierce promo pics, is kelly Queen of the Summer?

Katy Perry's California Gurls - .... no pun intended. ...... Hell the girl was like number one for three weeks. It's obvious that the record is not my favorite. But she is a shoe in for this catogory

Nicki Minaj's Your Love - truely follows the story of Cinderella. Once a upon a time in a far place called the mixtape world. A song emerged entitled 'Your Love.' The record was so good that a geisha named Minaj re-recorded the track and created a hot eccentic video. After the record shot straight to number one. Nicki reigns as top rapper of the summer. But does that make her queen of the summer.

Kelis' 4th Of July - Flesh Tone "flopped" everybody knows but its truely no big deal when the music is good. 4th of July is a dance club blast of fun and truely a work of art. The pulsating beat and the free high flying feel of the record seriously makes me wanna blast record in a convertable somewhere. Hopefully America will catch on because Flesh Tone is the future of popular music.

Lady Gaga's Alejandro - Ok so the video was dark and totally gay but, that definatly made me like the song so much more. As a fan of the november leaked version of Alejandro, I've seen the song transform itself getting better and better each time. Maybe it's possible that this song, for me, is the song of the year literally.

So who's got it? This is definitely not a popularity contest, remember it's all about the music. so if you haven't heard it, Check it out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot One!: Yuksek - Extraball ft. Amanda Blank

Yuksek is a very cute DJ from france that has remixed a number of songs including Lady Gaga's Paparazzi and Phoenix's Lizstomania. He recently included his steamy mixing skills on his latest project 'Away from the Sea.' 'Away From the Sea' features a song entitled 'Extraball' which features Alternative rhymer Amanda Blank. The record was released in April of 2009. I know the record is kind of old but the funky dance and futuristic elements of the edgy song was too hard to pass up. Amanda Blank's hyper rhymes and Yuksek's cool boy swag make "Extraball" clearly this moment's Hot One!

see what i mean by cool boy swag

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is the Apocalypse near?

Well I was listening to the lyrics to Jay Sean's new record 2012. Where he talks of partying like it's the end of the world. And, I just saw that movie 2012. They talk about the possible events leading to the end. and all of those redundant History specials about the end being near in 2012.
Well summers are getting hotter, people are getting crazier, and everything seems to be redone.
maybe it is near. i'd better get a head start on that Bucket list.

What do you think is 2012 really the end?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robyn: 'Hang With Me' to be Body Talk 2's First single

So Body talk part one offered the record 'Hang With Me' which was a powerful ballad that, in my opinion, was definitely single worthy. But, when i heard that Robyn was only releasing one single from BT.1, I figured the record was at loss.
However according to Robyn's official website, 'Hang With Me' will become an official single with a new life.
The record 'Hang with Me' is featured as Robyn's first single off Body Talk Pt.2. The soulful ballad was transformed in to a heavy bassed dance pop track with more harmonies and ad libs that bring the record to the next level. It serves as a decent follow up to 'Dancing On my Own' and has Hit written all over it.
Hopefully this time America will get over their loving cant sing K$sha phase.
It is rumored that the single will be released a couple of days before Bt.2's release which is September 6th. So until then, I'll be listening to the radio leak.

Check out Robyn on Letterman!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot One: Benni Benassi - Spaceship

Benni Benassi, Kelis,Jean Baptiste And Apl. from the Black Eyed Peas team up for this mega smash dance hit that is taking over my ipod earwaves. Benassi is an italian DJ and a Grammy Award winner who is best known for his 2002 hit "Satisfaction". And now he has teamed up with some hot performers to introduce his hot new record. Spaceship is definately a record for the club but, the direction music is going these days you just might hear it on the airwaves. Benassi's Pulsating beats, Apl.'s flow, and Kelis' vocal charisma clearly make this track the moment's Hot One.

For The Record: Solange Knowles

She may be the little sister of R&B Goddess Beyonce Knowles, But Solange has a little ray of light on her own. Solange and The Hadley St. Dreams is one of the best Albums of 2008 and mostly the past decade. On the album Solange explores her R&B roots then fuses them with a hint of today's music styles. That simple method totally made her album timeless. Although the album may have been released two years ago, Solange's Hadley st. Dream record is still getting spins on my Ipod. For the record Solange is fresh a breath of air from all the mainstream mess they call today's music.
Check out the second single from her hot summer fun record which is a summer favorite!

Fav Five: Sandcastle Disco, Cosmic Journey, I Told You So, This Bird, Dance in the Dark

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are we too Old for our Old Lives?

It is very natural that when one returns to their hometown, their hometown roles set in tact. The ring leader, the push over, the follower, the one that says what ever the hell is on their mind, and the ring leader. As you may notice the ring leader is listed twice. Probably because there are two competing for the spot or someone carries two of the roles listed above. In highschool everone had their cliques and it is amazing how long cliques last. Now that we are out of highschool and on to better things, shouldn't Highschool cliques be put to rest?

As much as I hate to admit, in highschool I was invovled with an incoherent clique that imposed total opposites of how I lived. I knew we didn't mesh well as a matter of fact, I really didn't mesh well with any of the cliques of my high school past. The only thing this clique and I had in common was the fact that we shared the same after school activity. That was mostly it. We didn't hang at each other houses, weren't in separable during the school day, and were not reliable to one another. As much as I wanted to consider myself as a rolling stone, I was ass up in love with this clique while they kept pulling the rug from under me.
As of July 3, 2010 I returned home from my college to visit family expecting more from the clear expected. I recieved a text from a friend in my ex clique,The push over, she wanted me to meet her and the girls at a little social get together in our town. Excited to be reunited, I immediately agree to come along. I stumbled through searching for the appropriate clothing. Then I was desperately looking for the right shoes to go with the outfit. And finally I rapidly straightened my curls with my fourteen dollar flat iron.I simply wanted to look my best since it was the first appearance I've made in the town since graduation.
Looking sharp and dedicated to my style, I pulled off and began looking for my clique at the social get together. After finally flipping the place upside down, I found them. The Push over, The one that speaks her mind no matter what, and the ring leader. So what did that make me? No I did not get a standing ovation or 'Oh my godd it's Gabriel in the flesh!', I only got a stare and a smile. As if Ive been in town and their lives the whole time. As if my being here was a waste of time. The push over acted as if she didn't invite me. The one who spoke their mind acted as if she didn't want me their, and the ring leader acted as if she didn't know me. Same old roles?
After a quick remeet and greet, we stood there as lifeless, hopeless, an as incoherent as ever. Nothing to talk about, except this time I was the odd man out.I couldn't believe that after all of this time, they had nothing to ask me. I moved away, finished two semesters of college, and witnessed a death in the past year. And still no questions. I kept wondering why I was the only one who was asking all the questions as if I was the one who was doing the inviting. As I stood there, I began to count the many curls I still had left in my hair from the flat iron. At that moment I realized my role in the clique. The clique that I never fit in. Just like the curl on my head laying next to the straight hair, I didn't mesh well. I was the follower. Seeing the girls bond and easily conversate with one another, showed me my state of being in this relationship. The old me would have tried to break in to the conversation to talk, to hang, to be apart. But the new didn't feel like it. I was too old for this clique. The need for concrete compainionship was no need anymore. I was content and set out to remeet the other cliques I followed in highschool. As I wore my follower badge, I recieved the standing ovations, The 'OMG it's Gabe in the flesh.'I conversated with the other cliques. Although it was brief convo, they still asked me how i've been over the year.
After reconnecting, I tried to return back to the girls since they invited me but when i returned they were gone. I dailed the push over's cell to get report on where they went. 'were in the car ready to leave' five mins after my arrival.. 'smooth'
At that moment i was temporarily upgraded to the push over role. I let them make come meet them for them to only leave me in the end. After all this time the clique that i valued the most did not value me back. As I made a couple more rounds, I abondoned my follower badge and began to lead my own path right out of the social event.
And just like that I was the leader of my own clique me, myself, and I
I am too old/////

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kelis a New Era

Everybody knows Milkshake 'La La La La La Ding Warm it up' and Caught Out There 'I hate you so much Right Now AHHHH!'were sexy, strong, breakout songs for the eccentric singer. But now Kelis has a new direction which is opening up a new era in her career. Dance Music! Kelis new album 'Flesh Tone' is a collection of the hottest club records penned by the singer after her greatest hits release.

As 'Acapella' and '4th of July' lead the album, Kelis needs way more recognition for her new eclectic sound. I like the new Kelis. She is not shying away from the music direction she wants to go in unlike other music artist who prefer Dance music just to get a quick hit record. Kelis fully committed herself to the music style and she gets mega Kudos.

FleshTone Will be out tommmorrow as of July 6, 2010.

Kelis is going on tour with Swedish singer Robyn entitled 'The All Hearts Tour.' For tour dates check out Kelis' Site

* hit dance music to discover Kelis' site

Saturday, July 3, 2010

" Like Lightening in the sky...."

So it's been over a year since the king of Pop passed. It's so crazy how life flashes by like lightening in the sky. I recently realized that I graduated high school over a year ago and all of the drama I've been though over the past year. Good thing I've have music on my side to get me though. Here are my Top Ten MJ Faves. What's Yours?

10. Man In the Mirror
9. Beat It
8. Dirty Diana
7. Leave Me Alone
6. Who Is It
5. Smooth Criminal
4. Human Nature
3. Stranger In Moscow
2. Scream
1. Bad

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