Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rihanna Finds Love, But Not A Vocal Coach

Rihanna says hello to a new album days after "Cheers" hit the top ten. "We Found Love" is a Calvin Harris produced record that is chosen to serve as the lead single to Rihanna's Upcoming sixth studio album.

Rihanna - We Found Love

If she actually tried to sing this time, this track would've been pop gold. "We Found Love" is a catchy favorable record however, it doesn't pack enough punch to be a sustainable hit for years to come. It seemed to be missing something, maybe a few Whitney Houston oohs and yeahs. There are no signs of vocal effort or even complex music arrangements. As the track starts, it immediately sounds promising but later it follows the same overdone music trends which unfortunately leaves the song lifeless. Rihanna seems lost and unfamiliar with the track as Calvin Harris tries to guide her through to the end. "We Found Love" seems better off as a Calvin Harris bonus track or a leftover demo from the 'Loud' era. This clearly proves taking creative breaks between albums is extremely important. With a first single that shows no growth, how do you expect an album to. It is very obvious that pop radio would gorge this microwaved record however, I really wish Rihanna would take her music career more seriously............ Somebody should call Whitney and get her on the remix.

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