Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tips on how to be a good shopper

Hello everyone! This is my 1st video blogpost on how to be a good shopper! So here are the awesome tips!

B.T.W. sorry for the bad quality 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Oh my gosh! I am going to keep this short and sweet!
So from what I got from this very short video. Rihanna is on her world tour in Birmingham, UK. A fan is in love, so decides to attach their self to Rihanna and not let go. Rihanna then takes matter in her own hands, and takes the microphone and pops the fan! If you listen closely you can here someone say "are you crying!" Rihanna must of hit them really hard!

I can't believe it but I actually can because people are really crazy out there! That fan had no right to be all over her like that. But at the same time she did not need to hit the fan! Rihanna had security right be hide her! But, you know what? You do what you have to, right? You tell me what you think!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lady Gaga's new Shoes for Artpop?

This collection was truly insane! I loved everything about it! From the extreme shoes to the super classy glowns! If you have a wedding coming up and you're "super rich" totally go for it! I mean I would! But I have this small little bug in my ear that keeps saying "Lady Gaga has to wear these shoes!" I know what your thinking "if the models can't walk in these shoes, how is she going to be able to?" Well I must say, Lady Gaga is known for walking in some very tall heels! For an example, the Thierry Mugler fashion show. Each model walking down that runway has to be at least 5'8" with out heels but you add on the heels and there about 6'3. I believe that Gaga is around 5'2". That night Gaga had shoes on that made her the same height as every other model out there. I think and hope she can pull it off for Artpop! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Breach VS ANTM??

I just found out about this brand new song called Jack by Breach. (based in the UK) This song and video are both very interesting. It reminds me of America's next top model cycle 14, with Krista White and Raina Hein. They had a magnificent photoshoot, where there outfits were had out of weave! Which is seen here but with amazing dancing and an extremely good beat! Well I guess its time for the bad new! This song doesn't come out on iTunes until July 14th! But until that day, you can still listen to the song on youtube.

btw the title has nothing to do with the post

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lana Del Rey; Famous!

Lana Del Rey has to be one of most famous un-famous people around. But is it really her music that is making her a statement piece in today's society? Or is it her modern take on retro styles? Well, whatever she is doing its the right move. Landing her new song Young and Beautiful in the new movie The Great Gatsby. (which I might add; is a good book) Lana Del Rey music and style is her to stay! Now here is a short clip on how to get this magnificent look, by i-D.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Time

As we all know the summer is right around the corner! So I'm here to show you Ladies and Gentlemen some of the hottest swim wear this spring and summer 2013!

I'll start with the ladies! I hear a lot from my friends that they want to be classy but not slutty! But what it truly comes down to is if you fell comfortable in whatever your wearing! So lets get ready!
 1. Prints are in! Well as all ways...prints are an easy way to get people to turn and look!
2.We have high waisted bikinis! they are super cute and a definite blast from the past! But always a statement piece!

3. Next we have the super cool and simple bikinis. They are a sure way to get the attention but not being slutty!

4.Now we have the oh-so-simple-but-interesting one pieces! One piece come in all designs and sizes! If I was a girl, I would definitely go for this!

Well Gentlemen you saw the ladies and now its your turn! For men I would have to definitely say it falls into comfort. There is just something about guys that love to be comfortable! OK, now that, that is done lets get started as well!
1. We have the super visible speedos! This trend is definitely for more of the daring person or just someone that wants more of a even tan.

2. Next we have the one piece! I think this is super cool and very chic!

3. This is the mid quad shorts. You might see a little more people wearing this then the last two. But this is something that I always run to when looking for swimwear!

4. This is the oh-so-normal regular shorts that you will almost see everyone in. Mainly because this is super comfortable and way classic!
No matter what you are looking for this summer, there will always be a huge selection. So keep your 6th sense sharp and go shopping!

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