Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Azealia VS Pharell? ATM Jam...finally?

I was trying to refrain from doing this but i just have to go in on tho really fast! It seemed like we the fans have been waiting for every for the video to ATM Jam to come out. I remember over the summer sharing every little hint I found out about the song with you guys. Now, fast forward months later, its out and to be completely honest; why did it take so long for this video to come out. It was quite basic with no story line. It kind of a fashion commercial for Topshop or H&M. But that's the only thing I have to say.

The video consists of three sexy girls around Azealia Banks. They are all rich so they ride around in nice cars with bikinis and super chic dresses. Next it turns into a fantasy world with a ton of colors flowing everywhere with sparkles. As they are all in a hot tub.

Yes Azealia put of out this fabulous video but there is a high waiting to happen or already going on. Azealia said on her twitter. "
Then she states that she is taking ATM Jam off the album. A lot of her fan hit Tumblr happy as can be and telling the world about the news. But after all this I have some questions, Did Pharell like the song in the first place? What took the video so long to come out... was it because Pharell did want to work with her? Do you think she should take ATM Jam off the album? Well tell me what you think about the video and this drama. 

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