Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Fashion: DIY

As I was putting this outfit together, I was truly was inspired by the color of my beige oversized shirt. Then thinking to myself "what can I pair with this amazing piece?" Then it hit! I can pair this shirt with my white button up shirt and my classic denim skinny jeans. Now that I got that all together, it was time for accessories! Accessories can either make or break the an outfit. So if your not completely comfortable with accessories, I recommend getting the basics (statement piece necklace, a simple bracelet, and sunglasses). I looked and saw that my choker necklace and my brown leather cross would work perfectly. After all that, I thought the outfit still needed something and that something turned out to be my red bracelet. I soon paired it with my red belt. To tie everything together throw on my boot along with my sunglasses.

Shirt: Vintage
Pants: Zumiez
Oversized Shirt:Vintage
Boots: Aldo
Belt: Hot Topic
Bracelet: made in Jamaica
Sunglasses: Lose leaf
Choker: DIY
Bag: Forever 21

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