Friday, August 19, 2016

Fashion Friday: Stern Mode

Fashion means a lot to me, so when I got the email on my birthday day asking if I was free to shoot an editorial for a German fashion magazine called Stern Mode, I jumped at the opportunity. Just being in the same room as all of those talented people was enough to make my day but getting the opportunity to wear a Gucci Suit was the icing on the cake! This was by far on of the best day in my life.

Imagine this; it's your birthday, you just turn 20 and you get an email from a casting director that you've worked with once before. On this email it's asking you if you are free and would like to participate in a casting for a German fashion magazine called Stern Mode. What do you do? Well that answer was very easy for me. I knew that I had to get to that casting. This was something that I have always dreamed of and had to be involved one way or thee other. But the only problem is that the time they chose for the shoot. I've only been to New York 4 other times and in those other times I've had other people drive me. Now this wouldn't of been a problem but the day they scheduled the photo shoot my mom was working, both of my brothers were also working and my dad doesn't drive. This left me no choose but to figure out a way to get to my destination while pleasing my parent wishes of not trying to drive through New York as an inexperienced driver.

After a couple of long conversation, we came up with solution. I was going to drive into north Jersey then take an Uber in to the city. That way it will drop me off right in fort of the studio. To give my mom, dad, and myself a bit of piece of mind we decided to have my dad come along with me.

My dad and I were off to the races three days later. We had a smooth trip there. Once we got to the studio and walked in the was a 2 or 3 fold out tables that were covered in food. As we walked in we greeted everyone and wait for my time slot. While I was sitting there I met some really amazing people. I met this one model that was from Iowa and if you know me I love it in Iowa. So we shared a couple of laughs and she told me that the shoot was really fast and easy. She started that the only thing she did was dance and have fun. Which really help me because I was a nerves freak coming in to the studio. I mean sweat al over my arm pits.

Once they they told me I could had back and get my hair and makeup done I was starting to relized that I might of been the only one that wasn't a model. Which really freaked me out, just because this models do this professionally and they know there angles. At this time I had just gotten my braces off and was trying to relearn my face. As I walked pasted the room where they were shooting the models I couldn't help but look into the room. I saw the most beautiful model posing. Once I got to the back room I saw racks and racks full of clothes, beautiful male and female models, make up artist, hair stylist, assistances, editors, ect. It was amazing that I was in the same room as all these different talented people.

When I walked into the back room everyone looked at me as I spoked. It was as if the models, the make up team, and hair stylist all knew that I was new to this. One of the make up artist looked at me and told me to sit down. As I sat she look at my face then back at the paper that had the list of models on it, then back at my face. She did this same routine for awhile before she called over who I'm assuming was the head makeup artist. Then she  called over the hair stylist and they all looked at before the hair stylist said that my facial hair looks like a teenagers and the head makeup artist asked him if she should cut it off or keep it. They decided to cut it off. The one makeup artist gave me a razor and shaving cream and said "here. Cut it off". I was so scared to cut it off because I've never shaved before. Like no surprise, it was super easy and I was being over dramatic.

As I was getting my makeup done I kept hearing someone say my name and say who is Terence? Then I heard them say he is lucky. I was confused on way they would say anything like that. I just assumed that it was because they all knew that I wasn't a model. But come to my surprise it was because they were going to dress me in the 2016 spring and summer Gucci collection! I was to amazed to be in the same room as all of this people to realize that I was about to be dressed in Gucci. The wardrobe stylish had me try it on as they looked and spoke to each other about if it looked good and of they needed to add anything. They decided not to add anything and turn around fitting the next model. As I was standing right there in the same spot that they left me, one of the stylist asked if she could take a picture of me in the suit. You already know what my answer to that question was. As I posed I saw in the corn of my eyes the other models looking at me. Once again I was confused if they were just looking at me because I didn't look the part.

When the stylist took my picture she turned around an got back to work. I was standing there for a good couple of minutes before I asked them if I could sit down now. As I asked no one said anything, so I repeated myself and still no one said anything. I looked around the room and saw all of the other models sitting. That was conformation for me that I could sit as well. As I went take a seat there was this one model that was there the whole time I was and she looked dis-interested in everything the whole time but as I reached for the seat she started to shake her head and I knew from this point that this girl was looking out for me. I stood back up and wait back in the pervious location I was stand before. Shortly after the Stylist turned around and said you can sit if you want.  As I sat back down I thanked the girl and we began to talk. She was very sweet and told me that some people don't like it when the models sit in the clothes because it makes creases and wrinkles. We talked longer and I found out that she was from Brazil. She also gave me a bunch of modeling tips, from how to pose to what to bring to a photo shoot. She was my best friend of these shoot.

From this point of it was a waiting game, I had to wait until it was my time. I talked to everyone in the room to make sure I learned as much I a possibly could. I learned lot. As I was talking to everyone a model came in, and this was a model that I had been following there career for some time.   It was Richie Shazam. He introduced himself to me and I was definitely a little star struck but I didn't say anything. I watched as they made him even more fabulous then he already was.

I talked to everyone for a while longer and told them that it was my birthday 3 days ago and just a lot of little stuff. After some time they asked who was ready and I was the next person. I walk with the editor to the photo shoot room and expressed to her that I was a little nerves. She told me that i Had nothing to worry about and the Ryan McGinley was a great photographer. Little did she know I actually worked with him once before.

 I got to the room and it was like as if all my worries left. I saw Ryan and Luisa and I felt right at home. As we shot we also talked about everything. They had me doing all this different poses it was just a blast. I dad says that we were so loud that were in the room started to come over to see as work and that all you heard was "blah, blah, blah, and HAHAHa". But hey what can I say, I was having a lot of fun.

At the end of my shoot, Ryan said some really nice things to me that I won't tell you just because I'm really superstitious. Then said said, you have to take a picture of yourself in this suit. It looks really good on you. So here are the pictures from that I took.

As I was getting ready to leave the casting director told me she wasn't sure then the magazines was coming out but she would let me know. Also that I would get a copy of the picture that is chosen. This photo shoot was on January 21 and the magazine didn't come out until April 1st. which I was hesitant about putting on social media because I didn't want anyone to think this was an April fools joke.

I hope you enjoyed my story and don't be afraid to ask any questions! Also let me know if you like the idea of me sharing my experiences with you all.

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