Monday, October 3, 2016

Music Monday: 10.3.16

Welcome to #MusicMonday! A place where you can seat back and listen to new music on your mayhem of a Monday. So have a look at some of the hottest songs that have just hit the scene.

Solange is on a row! She just released her new album that social media has been going crazy over and last night she just release two videos to her song "Don't touch my hair" and "Cranes in the Sky". Take a look at these two video and tell me what you think!
Don't Touch My Hair"
"Cranes In The Sky"

While we are still talking about hair, it looks like The Weeknd has a new hair cut in his song "Starboy" featuring Daft Punk. This is a really catchy song that is going to be in your head for a while.

It seems as if there is a lot of self killing on this Music Monday. Remember Natalia Kills, well as she said "She's dead". So check out this new girl in this new band, Cruel Youth, with their song "Diamond Days".

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