Sunday, October 2, 2016

Obsessions Of The Month: September

This month has been an explosion of different cultures and inspirations that have left me gagging and wanting more. From sex to fashion. There has been a lot! So take a walk with me down memory lane as I reveal some of my favorite things this month.

3. Love Line with Amber Rose and Chris Donaghue

Listening to these two talk about sex and relationships in a judgment free, shame free zone is very refreshing as well as educational. I also love what Amber Rose is doing with the Slut Walk movement. It's very important for people to understand what this really means. So here is a brief video describes a little bit of the movement but I recommend listening to the podcast.

2. Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddies

Now I am very behind this trend but I'm not the only one. I've became interested in this topic after watching The Girlfriend Experience. I know all of you GFE fans are probably saying what Christine was not a sugar baby, she was an escort. And you all are extremely correct but when I started looking up this world that not many people know about it come to my attention that anyone that has sex for money is a prostitution, which is illegal. The more I looked into it I saw that there was a way to get free money from people in exchange for your companionship. Which seems like a good gig to me! Now in the Sugar Bowl, which is what they call their world, there is many different types of arrangements. Some people are just looking for companionship, others are looking for someone younger to spoil, and others are looking for someone to mentor and take care of. This relationships are called mutual beneficial relationships. Each party openly tells the other what they are looking for and if they match they decide to take it further. This way it complete moves it from prostitution, mainly because this people are actually in a relationship. Many of the sugar babies get into the relationships to pay for school, some are actually attracted to this people ( and here is a misconception, not every sugar daddy/sugar mommy is a disgusting old person that looks like they're half past dead, some of them have really hard jobs and just don't have the time for a relationship but they want someone around for companionship), and others get involved to claim up the social latter with the help of there sugar daddy. Here is a video to help everyone on the fence understand this world.

1. Fashion Week Favs

I've made a playlist of some of my favorite fashion shows. The best thing about the fashion industry is, it so big and there is always a chance to discover something you like. Therefore, here is a playlist of fashion shows that I've seen so far that left a mark on me.
Follow me on youtube. I'll be updating as fashion week continues. 

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