Monday, January 30, 2012

Daily fashion(prep)

With today's outfit I was truly inspired by my striped sweater and my awesome shorts. I decided to call this the prep outfit.

I understand what your thinking, how are you going to wear a sweater with shorts? Its simple! Sweaters are in this season. Many of the people who have wore sweaters this season, have put something short or flowy underneath. ( Some examples of designer that incorporated sweaters with there collection are Rag & Bone and Missoni.)

How I pieced this outfit together is truly simple. For starters, I put on my tan, green and blue stripped sweater with my matching blue shorts. Next I though on my matching belt. The thing about my belt is that it has a hint of red in it that drew me to my shoes. My shoes also match the green strips on my sweater. I was going to leave my outfit like that but there was just something that was not clicking about it. So I put my pointed gold necklace with green fabric run throughout it. After that it all made sense.

Like I say in all of my daily fashion. I try to make my outfits unisex. So men and ladies can take Ideas from it. Ladies with today's outfits: if you are one of those girls that like to have some height, I'm pretty sure you can get shoes just like mine in heel form at any vintage store. But that's about it that i would change.

But always remember fashion is self description. Don't be afraid to show you!

Sweater: Circo

shorts: Pole

shoes: Giorgio Brutini (vintage)
belt: Vintage

necklace: Forever 21

bag: Rue 21

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