Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You and I Are Rolling In The Deep

Well there you have it........ Lady Gaga finally confirms new video is You and I........
Lady Gaga - "The Edge of Glory"
Gaga first premiered the song early summer of last year when she stated that she was going to perform the song because it was not going to appear on the new album. Since then, the song has came a long way. It was apart the Monster Ball setlist, then revamped for the Born This Way tracklist and it has now been promoted to a single.
This news may come as a disappointment to many fans who, according to gagadaily, wanted anything but 'You and I' as a single. Citing Marry The Night, Heavy Metal Lover, Americano, SchieBe, and our poll's top pick, Government Hooker as favorable single choices, Fans made it clear that You and I would not be a first pick.

Although this single choice was very transparent it's still however very disappointing. Of all of the single worthy records on the album, the year old over produced country record gets the single treatment? It seems like Team Gaga is trying to garner as much crossover appeal as possible in order to compete with the recent success of Adele. Since "Rolling in the Deep" hit number one, Adele has had no stop world attention. Her sophomore Album, 21, has found record breaking success and is a leading nominee at the MTV Music Video Awards while Gaga only collected three noms.
Since the demise of Judas, Gaga seems to be trying to prove herself as a talented artist. Most believe that all of the masks , wigs, and pyrotechnics have forced people to over look the talent causing a superficial illusion. However, Gaga has proved over and over again that she is indeed very talented. With millions of fans watching her every move as well as the very little that peek in, talent approval seems to be the last thing Gaga needs to be worried about. Therefore, this single choice is like beating a dead horse and then running it over a couple of times before taking it to the slaughter house.

With Adele's RITD riding high on success and being the only non dance record in the top ten, there seems to be a lot of open doors for the Yuyi side of Gaga. A more acoustic rock n roll side of the singer. The likes of 'Speechless', 'Brown Eyes', and the acoustic renditions of her top ten hits only hinted this piano driven form of the pop star but no top ten hit solidified it. You and I will be the debut of a less dance-y pop star and spotlight a rock star; hopefully it does well.

You and I has previously charted on the latter part of the Hot 100 and has already gained radio airplay. But will this song avoid flop land alluring to furious fans who didn't want it to be a single or will the collection of new ones make the record a hot shot for number one?
Watch Gaga announce the new single "You And I"

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