Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daily fashion (boots)

When I put this look together, I was really surprised with how it turned out. I like this look. I was inspired by my boots. So I designed my outfit around them.
Yes, I know this look can come off a little cow boyish but there is something about it that brings it from costumey back down to casually chic. Lately, looks like this have been in. An example of a designer who has drought this look back is D&G. Also Roberto Cavalli.
How I pieced this look together is truly simple. First I saw the boots. Then I thought to myself, what can I wear with these boots that won't make me look like an all out cowboy? Then it came to me! My amazing sloughy skinnys. Then I though on a denim shirt. After I slipped on my brown boot on. I thought to myself once again, this outfit needs one my thing. So I put on my matching brown belt. After that I was good to go!
Like I say in all of my daily fashions . I try to make my outfits unisex. So that this way it becomes easier to take ideas. Now its the ladies turn. With this look, because its so easy I wonted change anything about this look. Its plan but with a kick. If any changes were made it might end up looking tacky.
Always remember fashion is self description. Don't be afraid to show the real you.
Shirt: Fade Glory
Pants: American Eagle
Belt: Vintage
Bag: Rue 21

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