Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Björk Plays Her Self In New Video

As a new fan, I am very surprisingly excited for the release of this album. After being hypnotized by first single "Crystalline", Bjork has been on my mind and on my Ipod; wishing I had an Ipad to experience the first ever 'App' album. Bjork previously released four singles: "Cosmogony", "Virus", "Crystalline", and the latest "Moon". The video treatment for the song is very basic yet alluring. It shows Bjork in front of the screen playing a mini harp which is attached to her waste; while a picture of the moon's phases flash by. There are no big surprises however, it does keep one mesmerized wondering what'll happen next. Watch Bjork 'play' her self in Biophillia's latest release "Moon"

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