Monday, September 5, 2011

Hot One!: Pictureplane - Post Physical

If the 90's had the slightest chance at a future this would be it. Pictureplane's new single, Post Physical, is a blast from the past treated with a lot of futuristic fun. One may see this as a bad thing but truth is, it's the best damn thing that's happen to music in a while. From it's throw-catch beat to it's lightweight lyrics, Post Physical captures the spirit and feeling in music displayed in that time period, a little from today, and a little from the year 2025. The video doesn't stem too far from the track either. The very 90's shaky angle recording style constantly interrupted by distorted futuristic images clearly does sound track justice. With it's time traveling visual, time traveling sound, and time traveling experience, Post Physical looks to be this moments Hot One! for a long while.

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