Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who is The Queen of the Summer?

The summer of 2010 has seen some amazing artists do some amazing things with music. And like every summer, they all compete for the title of the song of the season. From Kelis to Gaga and Perry to Robyn, this summer seemed to be ran by ladies whos amazing songs all charted at the number one spot. So it is obvious for me to ask who is the Queen of the summer?

Robyn's Dancing On MY Own - The first single off Robyn's number one charting Body Talk series. The dance pop single has charted in various places across the globe. The record was claimed as a Hot One! and still is. Dancing On My Own is currently climbing U.S. Dance Club Play. Is the emotional dance record master of the summer beats?

Kelly Rowland's Commander - Kelly Rowland has made a lot of buzz over the past year. After firing her manager and being dropped from her label, Kelly Rowland rose up like a champ with her number one single 'When Love Takes Over' and her latest global hit 'Commander.' The Guetta produced dance track 'Commander' has been making waves all over the globe. With the release of the steamy video and fierce promo pics, is kelly Queen of the Summer?

Katy Perry's California Gurls - .... no pun intended. ...... Hell the girl was like number one for three weeks. It's obvious that the record is not my favorite. But she is a shoe in for this catogory

Nicki Minaj's Your Love - truely follows the story of Cinderella. Once a upon a time in a far place called the mixtape world. A song emerged entitled 'Your Love.' The record was so good that a geisha named Minaj re-recorded the track and created a hot eccentic video. After the record shot straight to number one. Nicki reigns as top rapper of the summer. But does that make her queen of the summer.

Kelis' 4th Of July - Flesh Tone "flopped" everybody knows but its truely no big deal when the music is good. 4th of July is a dance club blast of fun and truely a work of art. The pulsating beat and the free high flying feel of the record seriously makes me wanna blast record in a convertable somewhere. Hopefully America will catch on because Flesh Tone is the future of popular music.

Lady Gaga's Alejandro - Ok so the video was dark and totally gay but, that definatly made me like the song so much more. As a fan of the november leaked version of Alejandro, I've seen the song transform itself getting better and better each time. Maybe it's possible that this song, for me, is the song of the year literally.

So who's got it? This is definitely not a popularity contest, remember it's all about the music. so if you haven't heard it, Check it out!

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