Friday, September 24, 2010

Bulletproof Monster !!!!!! ARRGHHH!

NEW YORK - JUNE 09: Vocalist Elly Jackson of La Roux performs on ABC's 'Good Morning America' at ABC Studios on June 9, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Nicki verse in Monster is soo badd, its like kanye Who?
Kanye's latest leak 'Monster' hit the web a month ago
and by far I'd say Nickster's got this one.
The record drags as Kanye and JZ try to carry the song
But Nicki's verse amps up the record and makes her the most memorable.
So memorable that DJ Colin Munroe decided smash the record with
La Roux's 'Bulletproof' to enduce flaming genre crossing artistry that's never been done before. **La Roux @ Good Morning America**
Check out La Roux and Nicki in "Bulletproof Monster"

Bahama Mama

This Inspired as new song
jeeezz Bahamians hustle hard

Which is bigger b's but or the ship

Esto Freesto!!!

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