Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Must Listen: Ciara - Ride (Rmx f/ Andre 300, Bei Maejor,Ludacris

Ciara Basic Instinct

Plain and simple Ciara should've recruited Bei Maejor for Basic Instinct because this track clearly has Goodies/Evolution Era Ciara all over it. Check it out Below. Upon the release of Ci Ci latest record, she stated that she wanted to go back to her roots. This remix clearly does just that and more. It throws away the original luke warm beat, provided by the dream, and injects an 06' inspired Ciara sound; truly capturing the essence of who Ciara really is. If I had any say on Ci Ci's latest project; I'd have B.I. reissued with Bei Maejor remixing majority of the records because this is the shit. totally better than the original...... maybe it is the original?

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