Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Will 'Born This Way' Be The Album of 2011

"I'm beautiful in my way, cause god makes no mistakes,
i'm on the right track, baby I was born this waaaaay!"
Lady Gaga, also known as Mother Monster to her fans, sang on the night she accepted VMA's Video of the Year. This pivotal moment kicked off the intense anticipation for the release of her sophomore Lp "Born This Way". Most recently, Ms. Gaga previewed a 'Born This Way' track at the Thierry Mugler Menswear show in Paris. Check out the clip below which was tweeted by a member of Gaga's team.
Since the summer of twenty-ten Gaga has been spilling information on the new record. While on the Monster Ball tour, Gaga has released statements saying that the next record was almost completed. Members on Gaga's team have been saying that the record was going to be huge. Producer Red One, "Just Dance", recently spoke about the album saying its going to be "Shocking" and that its "Too precious to speak of." Mentor Akon stated that the album is "Slowly taking you on a journey" also calling it "Crazy" and "Amazing". Even the creator herself is calling the album "The Album of the Decade"
But with all this talk and no pop music, is one to believe that all that jazz is true? What should we expect?

Gaga first came on the scene back in 2008. She was just another artist on Akon's label along with Colby Who Donis and some other girl. She introduced us to nothing more than a party scene that was pretty gaga intense. it wasn't until 2009 when things picked up for the starlet.From Bloody VMA performances to face obscuring masks and pyrotechnics, people really began to grab hold of this train and quickly. Gaga's Debut The Fame sold millions of copies making it the first album I've heard go diamond. She won numerous awards, crowned woman of the year twice by leading music station, MTV, and broke internet records on facebook and Youtube. She has become a pop cultural Icon. Everyone is extremely interested in what she wears and what she is going to do next. And by doing next I mean the next album. As much as people love the "rah rah ga ga oh la la " stuff, it's getting old. Mostly because everybody and Kim Zolciak is trying to do it now. So most listeners are expecting Gaga to deliver a new sound. By the end of last year Gaga described the sound as " a marriage of electronic music with major, epic, dare I even say, metal or rock and roll, pop, anthemic style melodies with really sledge-hammering dance beats" That sounds good to me and for most of the people behind the record but, what will and fans think? Will it be too much or not enough?

So for most part I don't think it would really matter if Born This Way sucked. With the numerous awards under her belt, and the loyal little monsters as well as the record breaking "The Fame" success, it is clear that Gaga is bigger than her Radio Gaga. And If Born this way is not the Album of 2011, Aleast she can say that The Fame was the album of 2010.

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