Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terence Went MAAAAAAD!: Fashion for your stylistic apetite..

Did you know, in Australia that the Ugg boot is used to take out the trash. All because people in Australia hate going outside. So why in America, its soooo in style to where trashy impliments. Celebs for an example britney spears and d-listers like "blah" wear these elephantitus things to be fashionably effective... more like fashionably wrong. There are so many things wrong with stuff we call fashion and the ugg boot seems to be the leading cause of America's fashion mayhem...

Instead of ugly animal killing shoe, try a black pump. its not to sexy but at the same time nice a nuff to go out in public with. If your are not sure where to get some at, Nordstorm keeps a good number of them. also some of the shoes there are creaper then elephantitus and quitfrankly better looking too.

Dont think i forgot about the guys. Guys have to be just as fashionable as girls. Try wearing some crazy good looking brown loafer. There not to dressy but at the same time there good looking. Like i said before Nordstorm has a good number of them.

Insteady of wearing animal killing , elephantitus looking boots try some of Uggs other shoe wear. Some of there shoe wear is really cute :-)

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