Thursday, August 18, 2011

If I Take a Breath Will That Be Autotuned?

"I've been listening to Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, then I go to some of the people who are popular now, and realize how much music has changed. It went from amazing, and raw, to slutty and auto-tuned. It's a shame."

A statement so true. When you take a look now it's hard to believe popular music was ever real and had substance. Now we are praising the likes of Katy Perry branding her as the female equivalent of Michael Jackson. (MJ didn't use autotune and majority of his number one hits were solo without remixes) Amen!?

In today's world of the digital download, I've realized that number one records don't mean shit anymore. Record industries are in some way, abusing the billboard charts to make songs seem more valuable than they are actually worth. For example, If a song needs a little boost call up some celeb friends, get them on a remix, get fans to buy the remixed record and BAM!!
Now the song goes down in number one history. Acts like this have been done by a number of autotuned modern pop royalties (Rihanna and the all ready forgotten S&M remix, Britney and the soon to be forgot End of the world remix)
Since when did artists think it was ok to just be serial chart toppers? But hey I guess thats what they mean when they say "fame kills". Not externally but Internally, What was once a love for music has died turned into the love of grammys, press, and broken records. That's the music world we live in.
Atleast Adele's 21 is in the top ten proving that real music always suffices.

Here's is a flashback of how popular music used to sound.
Check out Michelle Branch's New Video for her New Single "Loud Music"

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