Friday, September 30, 2011

Marry The Night Next Single: Rumor or Not?

Only four months after the billboard debut of Gaga's latest single "You and I", and already been talks of the next single. Damn has YuYi dried up already? Anyways, "Marry The Night" has allegedly been propositioned as the Born This Way's next single. However, there have been no concrete reports or word from Gaga herself stating that these words are true...

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

At this very moment all I can say is that my fingers are crossed hoping it is a hoax. Marry The Night missed it's chance. The song clearly represents the return of Gaga while introducing the Born This Way era in to the world. It would have been suitable as a lead single or the follow up, but with the song being on the verge of release now seems pretty repetitive. MTN is an album opener and should stay that way. It's anthemic chorus and stadium size production is clearly attention getting however, in this point of the era it's time to give the people something to talk about. Gaga clearly has a collection of fire-starters on the album that I and fans have rambled on and on about in the past but the connection seems to be blockaded.
Anyway I don't want to come down on the singer yet because this statement may be false. All of the sources I've been to only quote a spring interview never clearly presenting Gaga as she distributes these inclusive words. And on the other hand, it may be true. Gaga seems to be following a pattern with her single choices this time a round. She maybe picking the highest charting songs. Edge of Glory charted at number three and became a single, You and I charted at number thirty-six and became a single, and last but not least Marry The Night charted at number seventy-nine; all charting upon the Born This Way release week.
So what do you think? Is the Billboard Hot 100 determining Gaga's single choices or Is this result of a slow news day that gained momentum?

Check Out Gaga's New Fashion Vid for You and I ........I think she did dry up .. they're taking her back to the water.

Ex-Pussycat Doll Plots Comeback

Move over Nicole sher....swaartss......whatever! One of your former band mates has emerged and is ready for her leading role in the spotlight. Jessica Sutta and her new hit "Show Me" will definitely take her there. The song has already charted on the Billboard Dance and is gearing up for "doll"domination (and it just might work this time). Deviating from the Pussycat Doll sound, "Show Me" works to reintroduce the star by building a yellow brick road of techno synths and hell-a-bass. Along with a high voltage video showing that this dolls can stand on her own. check out Jessica Sutta while she shuts down the city in "Show Me"!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Björk Plays Her Self In New Video

As a new fan, I am very surprisingly excited for the release of this album. After being hypnotized by first single "Crystalline", Bjork has been on my mind and on my Ipod; wishing I had an Ipad to experience the first ever 'App' album. Bjork previously released four singles: "Cosmogony", "Virus", "Crystalline", and the latest "Moon". The video treatment for the song is very basic yet alluring. It shows Bjork in front of the screen playing a mini harp which is attached to her waste; while a picture of the moon's phases flash by. There are no big surprises however, it does keep one mesmerized wondering what'll happen next. Watch Bjork 'play' her self in Biophillia's latest release "Moon"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

gabriel says...

Words are only lies without action, so i will never believe the truth...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hot One!: Pictureplane - Post Physical

If the 90's had the slightest chance at a future this would be it. Pictureplane's new single, Post Physical, is a blast from the past treated with a lot of futuristic fun. One may see this as a bad thing but truth is, it's the best damn thing that's happen to music in a while. From it's throw-catch beat to it's lightweight lyrics, Post Physical captures the spirit and feeling in music displayed in that time period, a little from today, and a little from the year 2025. The video doesn't stem too far from the track either. The very 90's shaky angle recording style constantly interrupted by distorted futuristic images clearly does sound track justice. With it's time traveling visual, time traveling sound, and time traveling experience, Post Physical looks to be this moments Hot One! for a long while.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

gabriel says...

bad situations are a blessing because God gives you something to write about...

Friday, September 2, 2011

All-Star Tribute - What's Going On?

Remember this?

With the the Ten Year Anniversary of 911 coming up, i thought it would be cool to shine light on the music that guided "light" during that time period.In 2001, An all-star tribute sort of like 'We are the World' was created in order to address controversial issues and uplift many from the devastating events in 9/11. The All-star tribute featured some of the biggest pop stars in that time. From the Savage Garden to the Destiny's Child, this song ultimately allowed an eclectic selection of artist cohere peacefully on one track.
For the record this is the last all-star tribute to get airplay before the disaster of 2009's "We are the World" Remake

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