Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Nine Albums of 2011

9. Penguin Prison - Penguin Prison
After creating tons of remixes penguin prison releases a debut album worth the listen. PP uses electro sounds and crafts them into funky electro soul.
Opening track don't fuck with my money sets the tone for the rest of the album; leaving listeners not fuck with the skip button.

8. The Perfectionist - Natalia Kills
Kills is a perfectionist addicted to immaculate and.... goth? The perfectionist explores the darker side of pop music. The album possesses fun light pop hits like "Free" and "Kill My Boyfriend" does not take listeners entirely to the dark side. However if one were to take these light lofty beats away from kills handcrafted edgy lyrics, one may find something else..... but it works

7. 4 - Beyonce
B's first album in three years was most shocking than her VMA Baby bump reveal. As most listeners waited for a Single Ladies based dance recording, they got something quite different. 4 is a collection of mid tempo 90's inspired soul tracks. It even has minor influences of country and gospel. Tending to be one of B's most intimate albums, 4 seems to have a very bright future.......not in the discount racks.

6. Something To Die For - The Sounds
ABBA meets No Doubt.. The Sounds third studio album carries the theme of death and dying in the common topic of love. Something to Die For has carefully crafted pop hits mixed with a more theatrical approach to rock music. The Opening to the Title track Something To Die For is something to die for

5. As If - Sky Ferriera
Even though this is only an Ep, AS IF! is far too good to pass up. This 5 Track Ep redefines the meaning of pop music possibly giving it more substance through the musical arrangements and its impressive lyrics. The tracks on AS IF! seemed to be taken right from Sky's diary as it pertains to how teens really feel. It fair to say this is the John Hughes of pop albums.

4. Biophillia - Bjork
Biophillia is the most innovative album of the year. with being the first album to be released as an app, the innovation doesn't stop there. The tracks of Biophillia are themed to different aspects of biology. Bjork crafts them to be listenable songs opposed to them sounding like a bio lecture.

3. Thee Physical - Pictureplane
Thee Physical perfectly blends loops that seem incompatible to the naked eye. The tracks on thee physical make listeners believe a song may end up one direction However, the outcome is always unexpected. These records are drenched in nostalgia but result as something fresh out the oven.

2. Portamento - The Drums
The Drums Second album does not stray too far from the debut Lp but it does evolve from those sounds flawlessly. Incorporating various sounds from saxophones to synthesizers, every record is perfectly crafted and perfectly sets up the songs that come after. Portamento takes it's listeners on a journey that stands solely on the true notion of a real album... Cohesion

1. Born This Way - Lady Gaga
The most controversial album of the year tackles various issues including self worth, female empowerment, and religous values. Born This Way salutes the megastars of the 80's and collaborates them with eccentric Gaga power making sounds that were truely Born That Way

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