Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 To-Do List

2016 To-Do List

I’m really not sure if you have to wright an opening to your to do list but this is my bucket list for 2016. I’m just tried of looking at my life and wondering what did I do this year. I know that 2014 and 2015 were both two really good years but I just want more. I would like to see if making a list of things for me to accomplish would help make my year any better? Well I’m ready to find out!

In 2014 I graduated from high school and went to the Junior Olympics. That was a really great opportunity and it really opened my eyes. That year I learned sports didn’t define me and that they were nothing more than a work out for me. I know that sounds a little terrible considering I spent most of my life dedicating every moment to basketball, cross country, track, and any new sport I  tried (swimming & soccer). But this was the time when I saw that I didn’t have a passion for these sports, these sports just filled my free time and made me look great. I came to this conclusion because at every award show or meeting I saw that I didn’t really care if I won or not, also that I was never really motivated to work unless I was trying to fit into a size. It never had anything to do with how the team was going to benefit by me trying hard or anything with a coach.

2015 was really amazing because I finally started to figure out what I was doing and trying to better myself as well as my career path. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I did some really great things this year! Plus I got my braces off! In the beginning of this year I said to myself that this was going to be the year when people started to find out who Terence Mad is and I feel like I have succeed at it. I tried harder then ever on Mad Reignbow and by the end of February I was in my first online magazine, Hip Hunters. After that nothing really big happened but I had small victories such as my own business card, reaching over a thousand page reviews in consecutive mouths, and dyeing my hair; that has made me more bookable then I would ever image. I went to Afro Punk for the first time this year and made so many friends. At Afro Punk I was able to get Mad Reignbow’s name out there.While at Afro Punk some really amazing things happened.  I was appeared in CNN video about Afro Punk, I was interviewed by VoicesOfNY, and one of the best things that has happened was being featured in Vogue. Mad Reignbow was doing pretty well but in Terence Mad fashion I stopped documenting everything that was happening. Don’t ask me why because I’ll never really be able to give you a straight answer. Also this year because of my hair color choice and well as Afro Punk I was able to shoot with Ryan Mcginley. Which was so amazing! As you can see 2015 has been one hell of a year, I was able to do so much that I never thought I was going to do at this age with no manager.
Now with my braces off and some experience under my belt I’m ready to take my career to the next level. I’m ready for people to know who Terence Mad is. I’m ready to reach my goals and be seen, so here is my to do list for 2016. This list is combined with career moves as well as fun adventure I would love to take all of you on. So buckle up your seat belt and get ready to experience this long road with me.

To-Do List
  •    Go to Afro Punk
  •  Go to Comic Con
  •   See a Broadway play
  •   Be features in more magazines because of Mad Reignbow
  •  Be featured in more magazines because of Terence Mad
  •  Try new hair colors
  •   Grow healthy long hair that just so happens to be dyed
  •  Go to the circus
  •   Go to the school of my choice
  •   Network, Network, Network!!!
  •  Meet New People that have to same goals as me
  •  Go to New York more often
  • Not be afraid to be myself
  • Go to every party and event that I’m invited to
We’ll start with these and see where it goes. Hopefully more and exciting things happen this year that I would and could never image. In the most positive way possible of course! So lets see what we can get ourselves into this year!

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