Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lauryn Hill is set to make a Comeback

So I finally just bought Lauryn's first solo album at the record store not realizing that is was on sale for a reason. According to various blogs sites, Lauryn Hill has recorded new material and it expected to release later this year. However, I'm finding it hard to believe she'll be releasing new music this year due to the fact that the year is half over. Lauryn Hill blew up the music industry the last time she was on the scene in 98', so isn't more time needed to put the buzz out there? And why did Lauryn and comp. wait until now to anounce her long awaited comeback?

Any way the emotional ubran stylings of 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' still most definately stand as the Holy Grail of Hip hop. It is going to be interesting to see what Lauryn comes up with on this album which was recorded during a ten year process. Hopefully she will be able to save music from the state it's in right now.
'Hip Hop started out in the heart, now everybody tryna chart!'

Fave Five: Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, Ex Factor, When it Hurts So bad, To Zion, Sweetest Thing

What's your favourite Lauryn record?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot One!: Alexis Jordan - Happiness

Fresh, New, And Supakool, Alexis Jordan has released a fun exciting dance record entitled 'Happiness'. The former America's Got Talent contestant struck a deal with Sony Music Ent. and released this fun caute vid that was featured in MTV's Fresh Faces of 2010. Kudos to Alexis for going for a cluby dance track rather than typical R&B. This fun eclectic selection effortlessly becomes this moment's Hot One!

Commander Goes Number ONE!

Kelly Rowland's latest record, Commander David Guetta, has went number one on the Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play! (According to Rowland's Twitter page) Commander is the summer smash that just released it's video this week as of June 20th. The International single has already recieved over a million views. Check It Out!

In related news, Rowland's R&B domestic single "Grown Ass Woman" has been added to New York's power 1051. Good look Kells.! Rowland's New Album "Kelly Rowland" is slated for release in September.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

H.O.T 4 J.L.S.

JLS's latest record maybe a cliché American pop song but their style is far from domestic. Fresh out of UK's X factor, JLS has been heating up the charts in Uk and plans to take on America next. There new record is just the record to do so. The dance record "The Club is Alive" is acompained by a fun upbeat video and is one of the best dance videos i've seen in a long time. JLS style is simular to the old boy bands from the past but ten times hottter and eleven times cooler. Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, Jonathan "JB" Gill, Oritsé Williams adorable ways has put them in the Spotlight 4 sure
Lets celebrate with their latest single "The CLub is Alive"

The Diet Commercial

After a long day furiously waiting for my little brother to graduate middle school, I settled down at a restuarante and ordered a meal soo delish that i had to blog about it. The chicken ceaser salad. I don't know if it was the heat or being cornered by an insane and a sane grandmother, but that food was good. I even took a picture of it. It looks and taste better in real life.
With a side of cranberry juice, I was on cloud nine liberated from all the things that were pulling me down. As if cranberry juice was nature's red wine. That's when it hit me. I was eating healthy. While my insane grandmother (who i love btw) was devouring the chicken fingers she didn't want , eating something less greasy a but equally tasty.
like a diet commercial, one good choice lead to another. After the next few days I have been putting do the grease and researching healthy food. Although I have a high metabolism, I had to be sure to stay as healthy as I can . It is interesting to see the results of people getting older and how one decision can lead to many decisions in their life. Are all the decisions we make as important as the life that we live?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hawthorne Heats Up!

With all new lab coat eye candy and a hellbound ER, Hawthorne seems to not be playing around this season. Christina Hawthorne is back with the gang in a new hospital where the stakes are high. "How long has he been dead?" Christina asks Gail Strummer, who is a head of the crowded trashy pit entitled James River Hospital. Strummer replies with "Since he died"... As James river unfolds, it begins to become evident that Hawthorne will be having some intense moments this season. I'll be watching. Check out the clip for next week's episode!

Hawthorne is On TNT, Tuesdays @ 9pm!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Robyn 'Body Talk's' Various Elements of Pop Music

The previously released eight track LP is Robyn's first album of new material in five years and it was well worth the wait. Body Talk Pt.1 is a fun creative disc on the inside and out. With the Cd itself resembling a demo tape and the first track entitled 'Don;t F***ing Tell Me What Do', Robyn was sure not to share any type of boredom to audiences.

On the record Robyn explores the many different types of Pop Music. She even fuses Pop music with other dancey genres. The track "Dancehall Queen" surely amplifies the fun crossover between robyn style pop music and dancehall records. The record "Cry When You Get Older" is a Heavy synth record where Robyn sings about the complications of love. The record is very edgy and is an instant Robyn classic (Like Be Mine!). "Hold up a second, now i got something on my dirty mind." Robyn sings on the first verse. Robyn slows things down on Body Talk with "Hang With Me (acoustic Version)'. An emotional record that shows the versatility of Robyn's music. Robyn sings accompanied by violins and a piano.

It is simply understood why Robyn couldn't hold on to the tracks any longer. According to the swedish magazine, Bon, Robyn stated that she did not want to wait with a release until they where all recorded and decided to release them as a set. Body Talk Pt.1 is only the opening to what the Body Talk series has in store. Body Talk will see a part two and three later on this year.

Fave Five: Dancing On My Own, Hang With Me, Dancehall Queen, Cry When You Get Older, Fembot

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kelly Rowland Commands you to dance!

The highly anticipated Official release of Kelly Rowland's Commander is on countdown. According to, the video is set to premiere in less than nine hours. However, there is no word on whether the video will be released on her site, vevo, or television,etc. The dancey club hit has already charted in the top twenty in various countries and is number four on Billboard's U.S. Dance play.

Hot One!: Robyn - Dancing On My Own

Robyn just released her third international album, Body Talk Pt.1, in the U.S. With it's heavy bass, and techno loops, Dancing On My Own serves up as the hottest Dance track for the summer. Robyn doesn't stop there. The video for dancing on my own is a fierce club scene where Robyn takes the floor with iconic stage presents and performs her ass off. Filled with emotion and strength, Dancing on My Own proves to be this moment's Hot One!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'I'm an Alien from Outer Space......'

It's true, I am not the typical jersey kid one would see on the street, especially south jersey xp. I am a very odd yet creative person through fashion, film, music, and writing. I spend most of my time as an overwhelmed college student but on the down side, I am very observant. People on this planet called Earth are very weird creatures. The varied personalities, unsettling disputes, judgemental opinions serve as only some of the far from beautiful qualities in human nature. However, like in every fairy tale, where ever there's ugly; there is beauty. As an observer, I going to expose, the beautiful, the ugly, and everything in between. Because thats just how life is beautiful, ugly, and in between. and always remember people don't change. They are just the same person with the same attitudes in a different world. a world where they must ADJUST and that's as real as it gets................................

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