Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For The Record: Solange Knowles

She may be the little sister of R&B Goddess Beyonce Knowles, But Solange has a little ray of light on her own. Solange and The Hadley St. Dreams is one of the best Albums of 2008 and mostly the past decade. On the album Solange explores her R&B roots then fuses them with a hint of today's music styles. That simple method totally made her album timeless. Although the album may have been released two years ago, Solange's Hadley st. Dream record is still getting spins on my Ipod. For the record Solange is fresh a breath of air from all the mainstream mess they call today's music.
Check out the second single from her hot summer fun record which is a summer favorite!

Fav Five: Sandcastle Disco, Cosmic Journey, I Told You So, This Bird, Dance in the Dark

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