Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robyn: 'Hang With Me' to be Body Talk 2's First single

So Body talk part one offered the record 'Hang With Me' which was a powerful ballad that, in my opinion, was definitely single worthy. But, when i heard that Robyn was only releasing one single from BT.1, I figured the record was at loss.
However according to Robyn's official website, 'Hang With Me' will become an official single with a new life.
The record 'Hang with Me' is featured as Robyn's first single off Body Talk Pt.2. The soulful ballad was transformed in to a heavy bassed dance pop track with more harmonies and ad libs that bring the record to the next level. It serves as a decent follow up to 'Dancing On my Own' and has Hit written all over it.
Hopefully this time America will get over their loving cant sing K$sha phase.
It is rumored that the single will be released a couple of days before Bt.2's release which is September 6th. So until then, I'll be listening to the radio leak.

Check out Robyn on Letterman!

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