Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best of The Beat 2010

As 2010 winds down, people will go through trouble trying to fill their stockings with presents. Others fiercely plan for intense new years eve celebrations. and the weird odd looking music lovers count down their favorites of the year.
therefore, I want to share what I think is the best of the beat in 2010.
2010 was filled with the electronic take over. items such as facebook and twitter have become more popular then they have ever been. Most of the popular songs sampled techno or house music not really letting listeners experience the full artistic form of the genre. And this year, one of the most beloved and boring genres officailly died. R & B. If it is not attached to hip hop, pop, or any other genre it can not succeed. When was the last time we've seen an R&B crooner hit the top Ten by themselves. R&B is getting to the point of having absolutely no identity!! Which is pretty sad because I basically grew up on the genre. However, in recent days it has yet to woe me.......................................... wait! ..maybe?????????????????? NO.... it's just dead.
I must add, 2010 was the year of none other than GAGA. Has anyone noticed how Gaga is having the effect on everything from music to fashion to facebook to pop culture. She is taking over. Celebs like Willow, Fergie, and Nicki Minaj have all jumped on the same crazy creative band wangon as the Bad Romance singer. She has literally taken over. Even though I love Gaga and I love her music, I must admit she would be nothing without the likes of Madonna and Grace with them seriously being to first of the first, respectively.
Speaking of, this year has forced me to officailly drop the mainstream and go Alternative and Old school. I have recently re-fell in love with Madonna's Erotica Album and soaked in Madonna's 1989- 1996 Era.....Strike a pose..... I have also discovered and totally dove into Queen songs & Freddie Mercury. I am so upset that its taken me this long to find out about this awesome band. And I have never blasted 80's/ 90's music so much. Janet's "Throb" is at the top of my itunes playlist. It's ridiculous, it's like i've stepped into a time machine and went twenty years back. I find myself dressing like these icons.....hair bands and everything. Im reciting lines from their songs into my facebook posts......."don't you want me bay bay, don't you want me OoooH oh Oh!." I even get excited when they're on T.V. "OMFG straight up!!!! I lOve THis SONG!"
2010 has been lacking the luster and has proven that the 80's and 90's era was better. just listen to the new Black eyed peas single ....... prime example....very creative -_-
But some how I have been able to find the likes of Monae, Kanye, and a couple of relivant artist across the pond to successfully create The Best of the Beat in 2010. so hopefully you think so too.

let the countdowns begin :-)

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