Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, Same Rant

the begining of 2011 may be a time of change for some, but for most it is a say and forget to do. Old habits, bad habits, and new habits is what makes us who we are. They play as a focal point of the human personality and set of a unique progression upon the mind. the more annoyed we are with our habits, the more we set out to delete them. Truth is, habits can be deleted among a new year. It is a gradual lingering process that needs immediate attention. A bad habit can only be deleted if a new habit emerges in place of it. with that being said, I will no longer force myself to listen to the half ass sound of today's music. I'd rather take the more complete original, in which most artist rip off, approach with sounds of the 80's and 90's. Throughout 2011, which is my twenty, this blog will be infiltrated with the best of the beat and pop culture of the 80s/90s. One couldn't learn from the best and not share. Half of last decade didn't really do it for me. so i believe it is time to create a new one and make old habits fresh and new.

so all hearts beat in love,

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