Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Daster

As we all know history repeat its self. But there is one thing history should not repeat and that is the fashion that came from the movie sprung. The two leading ladys Tisha Cambell and Paula jai Parker were tore up from the floor up.

In the movie Tisha played a good girl, kind of shy and a well paid lawyer. Yeah i know what your thinking how is a well paid lawyer going to look tore up? Its simple! Tisha wear a chef's outfit into the office. Talk about bad! But what put the icing on the cake, is the horrible color! They had that poor girl wearing a sliver chef outfit that resemble the look and color of aluminum foil. With matching shoes. Her outfit was soooooooooooooo bad that i just had to laugh, exceptionally when i saw her with a suitcase that had all of her belongings in.

Paula on the other hand played a sexy golddigger looking for a husband. Her look paid her Justice...if she was a hooker! Though out the whole movie she was wearing too tight, too short, too ugly outfits. Talk about pitiful. I cant really even single out one of her outfits but i can tell you that she had some tore up wigs on. One nice thing that came from her hair is she had a new wig on for ever go girl???

As we can both see I hope, i mean i prayy that these horrible fashions never come back in style. Hey but don't get me wrong that movie is sooo funny i cant wait to watch it again. And those actors can really act. Well that it for me. Make sure you watch Sprung.

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