Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kelly Rowland Follows Up Sleepy Hit With "Lay It On Me"

'Motivation' was the most boring yet hottest jam of the summer spending seven weeks atop of the R&B/ HipHop Billboard charts and has peaked at Nineteen on the Hot 100; a success Beyonce's 4 has yet to reach.
Kelly Rowland Shoot 11
This slow moving single maybe still holding the title But, K.Ro has plans to speed things up on a new single. "Lay It On Me" is the latest release from K.Ro's highly anticipated LP 'Here I Am' due Next week. The fun summer-ry track follows the foot steps of previous Hip Hop radio hits with it's noticeable piano riffs leaving less than little groundbreaking moments of innovation. Featuring the today's hot Rapper, Big Sean, Kelly doesn't leave too far from Motivation's sexual lyrics and just adds a little country-Esq story-line to beg the differ. It is clear that the single's "ohs" and "ahs" will play to the radio's taste buds and with it's lucky charms, it'll strike as a number one hit. However, the single does little to advance or develop the starlets image as talented artist. A song like this won't put her ahead in innovation but, instead just make her finally fit in with the cool table. A goal K.Ro has been searching for her whole solo career.

Check Out "Lay It Down Da Down Down Da Down Down Down Down

Is it just me or was her previous failed efforts more enjoyable than this whole Era?

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