Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"OOoooooooOOOOOOOoooHh This is Aaallllll That This Allll That!"

Yes It's true, 90's Nickelodeon is back! All of the best to ever air on the network return for the last hoorah on TeenNick. It sort of like a 'Teen'Nick at night which leaves me to wonder, Damn! am i that old for this era to be considered nostalgic for my generation?
Anyway after hundreds of facebook groups and thousands of youtube posts, TeenNick is finally putting the green light on the return date of these shows but at one awkward time zone. Airing from Midnight to Four A.M., these shows have entered into a dead time period which are time slots for shows already or on the verge of cancellation. It was previously reported that fate of this block of programming is highly dependent on the amount of viewership and ratings. The collection of shows to return consist of " Kenan and Kel, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All, All That" and many more
Good Right??
Well it only can get better if these shows do good; there will be talks of adding more hit shows to the line up like "Hey! Arnold, Aah! Real Monsters, and Rocko's Modern Life" but what would really impress me is the return of short lived series like "Taina, My Brother and Me, and Cousin Skeeter" heeeey!
So after being requested by millions, it is no doubt that 90's lovers must work even harder to keep these shows on the air or be stuck with the copyright infrigement claims on youtube. So Ima sit my booty on a floor or in a chair bc at twelve o clock I aint' goin no where............. actually at that time ill probably be in a bed.

Here are some of my favorite skits from All That!!
The Quick n Fast :) now days, it's hard to believe this was ever on Nickelodeon

The Loud Librarian :)

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