Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Fashion: Simple but Dynamic pt.1

      For this Weekly Fashion, its going to be in two parts. Both of the looks are to die for! The two looks are similar  but very different at the same time. It's something that you have to keep you eye on! They are simple but dynamic! 

      This Weekly Fashion can be a little matchy matchy but it's pieced together very well. When I was getting dressed I remember thinking"If I just wear this flannel shirt, it can come off a little boring. Also how many people wear these shirts a day?" After putting everything in perspective, it hit me! I will put this plan shirt over top my button down shirt. From there, I tossed on some jeans. After that, I matched everything from the colors of the flannel shirt and the jeans. The look came together and it was quit simple but dynamic!

Flannel Shirt: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Zumiez
Belt: American Eagle
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Rue 21
Scarf: Hot Topic
Sunglasses: Looseleaf

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