Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Fashion: Simple but Dynamic pt.2

 It's time for part 2. I feel that part 2 is even more dynamic then part 1, but i must say it's still quit simple. So lets get started with the new weekly fashion!

I love this look! Its intelligible and strong! When I deiced to get dressed, I said "I'm tried of putting denim shirts over everything." So I didn't. As you can clearly see I placed my denim shirt under this earth tone green shirt. Then I tossed on my black pants. I put my brown belt to uphold this look. Once that was complete, I put on my denim shoes. Which clearly match them denim shirt. After that I placed my tribal bracelet and necklace on. To tie everything up, I throw my bag on. The bow on the bag has a variety of colors in it.

 Denim Shirt: American Eagle
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Zumiez
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Target
Bag: Aldo
Bracelet: (made in Jamaica)
Necklace: I made
Bow: I made 

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