Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Fashion: Fall in Line

I created my whole look around this coat. As I should, this coat is a statement piece! Honestly, one of thee best things I've ever bought from that store. Fun fact about this coat it is actually an 4X. There's something about getting an oversized item that makes the whole look pop.
When I was putting this look together I wanted everything to match the coat as much as possibly without looking to gimmicky. So, I went for my black jeans and denim button up. With the top being completely buttoned, I placed on my coat and fastened the only button on it. To continue with this classy/edgy look, I put my black shoes and sunglasses on. These shoes give my look a flow that cannot be defined. While the sunglasses redirect the movement and send you elsewhere.

Coat: Old Navy
Top: H&M
Pant: Old Navy
Shoe: Aldo
Sunglasses: Old Navy

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