Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is Azealia Banks the new Lady Gaga?

     Is Azealia Banks the new Lady Gaga??? That is a question that seems to linger in my mind. Probably yours too. There are just somethings between the two of them that make the comparison quite easy! For insistence, Gaga is pretty much known for being free spirited, a voice for the young, and being quite controversial! But, when you think about Azealia Banks, she is working her way up with all of those tittles.
     Free spirited people have to be some of the most interesting people. We seem to become fascinated by them and want to learn more. Lady Gaga is known for expressing herself with her hair and fashion. Bring a sense of freeness and fantasy to all of us. And that's just what Azealia is doing. Her weaves have to be some of the most interesting in a long time. The mixture of colors is simply amazing. Also Azealia sense of fashion is nothing to look pass. She has been seen rocking some of the most young and amazing designers. (Like Asos)
     While I'm talking youth! Lady Gaga is the voice for young people, putting a smile on their as well as giving them hope and freeness! That is what Zee Zee is doing! she is putting a smile on people's faces and showing people you don't have to be perfect!
     Okay, Okay, Okay....these ladies are very controversial. From Lady Gaga in the Fame all the way over to Born This Way. It seems like every song she puts out someone has something to say. Well the same for Azealia! I remember the first song of hers that i saw on TV, 212, people had so much to say!
      Both of these girls know how the keep the spot light on them. Maybe they want it maybe they don't ? You just don't know these days. And if you just need some more clarification, Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks are doing a song together!

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