Saturday, August 24, 2013

Make Over Time!

As we all know the new school year is right around the corner or has even start, for some of you. And it time to start looking at some fresh to death styles and trends! Don't worry, even if you not in school this can apply to you as well. For an example, Michael Kors himself said September is like the fashion new year! So I got you covered!

First things first! If you look anything like this video then you are in dire need of this make over post!
Or maybe this!

Okay, now that, that's out the way it's time for so trends and styles that you can use this Fashion New Year. I have my good friend Love Dom here to help me today.
  1. Denim on Denim
Denim on denim is that really easy, cool, and stylish look that is constantly around for the back to school season. It keeps you in touch and not out of reach.

As you can see Love Dom and I are rocking out this look out this look to the fullest.
Dom has a beautiful denim dress with a denim shirt on top. Which stays with the look. While I have on a denim top with a jean vest.

    2. Floral Print

It seems like when comes to back school time, floral print items never leave. This is a super easy way to mix and match without thinking too much about it!

As you can see the flowers don't have to bee over powering. You can have just enough to make a huge statement!

   3. Biker Chic / Soft Goth

Back to school isn't all ways fun, happy, and bunch of smiles. So We have a cool dark look for all of you that fill this way!

I saved this one for last because I can't really put my finger on the right name for this look. It's hard but soft. It's serious but fun. It's dark but colorful. It's the allotment look. 

So we all know that school is well be here in a blink of an eye. So please use these examples to help you out throughout the hard and easy days of school!

OK everyone follow Dom on tumblr and on Instagram !!! She is the real deal!!! 

* If any styling, looks, items, and or whatever questions please leave a comment down below*
*tell me what you think about the styling, its was my first styling job*

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