Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life imitates Art and ArtPop imitates...

Lady Gaga has been criticized since the start of her career for copying or rehashing material from other artist. This long list consists of Grace Jones, David Bowie, and most obviously Madonna. But lately it seems Gaga has been rehashing material from the new school, citing artist such us Britney Spears (she's still relevant), Azealia Banks and Selena Gomez. Yeah I said Selena Gomez.
Last week, everyones favorite Mother Monster performed new material from her new album, Artpop, Due 11.11.13., at the Itunes festival. A performance injected with inspiration from every angle of the music world. Waves of inspiration that got her in a little tussle with some popular names in the industry. The first wave of started when Gaga urged fans to bring her multiple oceanic souvenirs to her concert; such as starfish, seashells, and seahorses. which is cool, only if Azealia Banks concert show was based off of terrain-babe and not aquababe. Banks immediately called Gaga out, stating via twitter that the theme of her show sounds like Azealia Banks Mermaid Balls.

I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughout the week. Item 1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses 3: Starfish


@ladygaga hmmmm sounds alot like Azealia Banks' mermaid balls.
2:46 AM - 28 Aug 2013

It's just .... Late.
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Not picking a fight. Just all looks soo familiar.... To me.
Of COURSE gaga wants to play mermaid again..... Pffft.

Gaga responded with a Tumblr gif of Ariel, the Disney mermaid, frowning and swimming away. But Banks wasnt done, she tweeted back with "..Its just .... late."
This hasn't stopped Gaga from performing in seashells during her show, nor has gaga dropped the theme completely. In a recent UK interview, Gaga announced her inspiration for the seashells and lady of the water theme. 0:20

Sandro Botticelli and his work "the Birth of Venus" not only inspired Gaga's theme but Banks new song, Venus, which is on her 2014 debut album. Banks even openly imitated the photo on the single cover, uncovered months before twenty thousand thirteen leagues of Gaga under the sea premiered.

Banks has yet to tweet about that
Gagas itunes fest not only resembled Banks, it payed homage to other innovated popstars. For The song "Sex Dreams", the performance was very reminiscent of Janet Jackson and her 1993 "if" video. Jackson wore a similar wavy brown weave and black crop top.

In which, Gaga similarly thrusts and moves like a back up dancer in Janet's Video. Sex Dreams is a "fetch' song, However I kept getting Britney Spears vibes during verse one or two, where gaga would say "and I feel so trashy.... and I feel so nasty"

But even that wasn't the biggest familiar vibe of the night. "Artpop," a weird disco like dance record which also serves as the title track, simply started off as a breeze until I started hearing the flow of the first verse. "Its been said and undone,every beautiful thoughts been already sung" .....oops wrong song... But you see where I'm going with this. ..

Ultimately, there are so many artist with so many ideas. It would be a miracle if every idea was fresh and original under the tuscan sun. So Gaga, we get it .... well I get it. Art imitates life and life imitates Gaga. Yeah Im talking about the Barbs, Katy Kats, Belibers, and any more those fan nicknames that came out after Gaga announced her Little Monsters. And let us not forget the Katy Perry hair color makeovers, and Nicki Minaj's party city costumes that gaga inspired. Its not a mystery, Gaga inspired a lot of musicians and changed pop culture. As for now I guess she's taking back what she put out. We applaud.

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