Saturday, September 14, 2013

Victoria Justice, Is she really Golden?

Victoria Justice, the face of nickelodeon. Being in many shows including Zoey 101, iCarly, and her very own show Victorious. She has been gliding passed very other nick TV star. So when I found this song, I thought to myself, "why didn't I know this song?" If she was this famous, I should of been on this song. For an example, one of the stars for shake it up, Zendaly, I can't go any where on YouTube with out seeing her song! So by that being said, it makes me think, "is Victoria Justice really golden?" Well you take a look at this song and tell me what you think. Me personally, I think she is. For the simple fact of her making a ton of money and having stellar fashion in this video. The video kind of reminds me of Anna Del Russo' s Fashion Shower.

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