Monday, August 10, 2015

Music Monday: 8.10.15

Welcome to #MusicMonday! A place where you can seat back and listen to new music on your mayhem of a Monday. So have a look at some of the hottest songs that have just hit the scene.

We all have the same thought, "How Deep Is Your Love"? Well, Calvin Harris & Disciples are helping us find out. So have a look and tell me how deep is your love.

I think it's safe to say that we all have went through something like this in our lives. Someone says something bad to you but it's kind of ok because they're good looking. Well in 5 Seconds of Summer cause She's Kinda Hot" so that makes it ok.

I love this song and video together! It's like a 2000's computer on crack and the music just hypes you up to everything that's happening! But tell me what you think about Delta Heavy's song Ghost and the video.

Ciara looks so great in this video! Her body to her hair to everything, it was just great. I believe her when she says "Dance Like We're Making Love" because she has the look to back it up.

Would it be a MusicMonday if i didn't post a great summer song? No, it wouldn't be! So have a look at this great song but Afrojack featuring Mike Taylor called "SummerThing!"

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