Friday, September 9, 2016

Fashion Friday: AfroPunk 2016 Day 1

Essence Magazine
 AfroPunk, a place where people can truly be themselves and not judged for it. A place where alternative black people get together and listen to some amazing music and be free. This Fashion Friday I'm going to be talking about my look and why its so special to me. All of this pictures were taken from the numerous blogs and magazines I was featured in.

This look is all about the animal inside. We I was bouncing ideas around with my mom about what I should wear to Afro Punk this year, she made some awesome suggestions and said why don't I make you something. I was alittle skeptical but I had to remember, my mom is a fantastic designer. She designed all of our clothes growing up. So from that moment forward we started sourcing the internet for something we liked. We came up with the idea to have a crochet  top and deconstructed jeans. My mother began to work. She made the top 3 times before creating the one you see now. Unfortunately, the jeans fell through but I got an amazing top out of the deal.

After getting the top, I started planing the look (with is my favorite part of any outfit)! I tried on the top and I ran drectly to my bell bottom pants. From there I placed on my green sandals and tan sunglasses. I thought the look was complete but my mother and father told me that something was missing. They said that I needed a big medallion to go around my neck but I was not having that. So to match the theme of what they said, I put on a brown leather choker.

And Voila! There's the look that landed me in WWD, Essence, Fader, BuzzFeed, and Brooklyn Vegan

Top: Handmade
Pants: Free People
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Michaels
Sunglasses: Rue 21
Bag: Converse


Brooklyn Vegan

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