Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Atlantic City

As we all know I just turned 21 couple of days ago. So to celebrate I went to Atlantic City...I know what you're thinking but I truly had fun. I was also was able to create some amazing looks while I was there.
This look is all about the wild animal inside. When creating this look I wanted to wear something that was fitting yet sexy. By that being said I went for my leopard print sweater and paired it was my black jeans. To keep this look moving, I added my favorite combat boots. Once I got to this point the look was basically finished. Looking for a jacket was the hardest part. I need a jacket that was going complimented my look and keep me warm while I was out on the town. I tried my black with white stripped wool coat, but the fabric of my sweat and coat would of been fighting. Meaning, the wool would of been pulling at my sweater. So I went for my fur trim cardigan. I was a little apprehensive about pairing this jacket with my look because I thought it might be too much...in the wrong way. But once I put the cardigan on, it felt like it belonged with this outfit the whole time. My favorites thing about this look is that everything is on the same color pallet, matches, and tells a story.
Bonus pictures!
When there's good lighting and you're bored in a hotel room.

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