Monday, July 5, 2010

Kelis a New Era

Everybody knows Milkshake 'La La La La La Ding Warm it up' and Caught Out There 'I hate you so much Right Now AHHHH!'were sexy, strong, breakout songs for the eccentric singer. But now Kelis has a new direction which is opening up a new era in her career. Dance Music! Kelis new album 'Flesh Tone' is a collection of the hottest club records penned by the singer after her greatest hits release.

As 'Acapella' and '4th of July' lead the album, Kelis needs way more recognition for her new eclectic sound. I like the new Kelis. She is not shying away from the music direction she wants to go in unlike other music artist who prefer Dance music just to get a quick hit record. Kelis fully committed herself to the music style and she gets mega Kudos.

FleshTone Will be out tommmorrow as of July 6, 2010.

Kelis is going on tour with Swedish singer Robyn entitled 'The All Hearts Tour.' For tour dates check out Kelis' Site

* hit dance music to discover Kelis' site

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