Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby I Was Boooorn This Waaaaaaaay!

After all the hype, the long awaited release of Lady Gaga's Born This Way saw the light. This morning at six or eight, Mother Monster's record was uploaded to the internet. So what do you think?

Lady Gaga - Born This Way
I think the song is good... Great.... kind of both of the two. It definitely stays on the pop radio route such like Enrique's "Baby I Like It" but it also has it's unique one of a kind Gaga-ness. The song could almost be deemed as a cover due to all of the comparisions to Madonna's Express yourself. But hey that was like over twenty years ago; don't you think it's about time for an express yourself 2011? Everybody hates the single or are highly critical of it now. but once the video drops, I highly believe that the people will understand the production and the direction of the song.

click here to listen

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