Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Fashions (Rainy Day)

Well today i was really inspired by the stripe look. As we all know 2011 spring and summer is all about color.(like Prada) Well i tried the look with a green and yellow tank top paired off with a brown belt and over sized brown shirt. I call this look rainy day outfit. It still brings the springiness with out going all out.

I truly love the green and yellow tank with my high wisted pants because it is a awesome look. But as research shows small stripes can make you look bigger then you actually are. So to stop myself from looking bigger i went with the over sized shirt. Any top that is too big can actually make you look smaller...surprise!

This look my seem like too much but if you take the outfit apart, peice by peice you will see that it all goes together. First the striped tank top, i paired it with my yellow sunglasses.(i know it rained today) Next i put the brown top on. Also a dark brownish blackish belt. Next i put on my black shoes with my black bag. That tied it all together.

As i said in the last Daily Fashions you can always turn my outfits to fit males and females. For the girls you really have it easy today. You don't have to change a thing. But if you do want to wear heels DSW has the same shoes.

Shirt: Old Navy

Tank top: Pac Sun

Pants: D Max

Belt: Vintage

sunglasses: Hot Topic

shoes: Aldo

bag: Rue 21

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