Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Fashion: My Birthday Suit

Hello, I'm finally back! This is just me saying to everyone, stay safe! I've recently discover that I had food poisoning. I know you can't really protect yourself from that but check your food anyway. Also its flu season...we all know what to do about that. Wash Your Hands and Cover Your Mouth. But now lets start up the weekly fashion.

For this look I wanted to stand out and be the center of attention! Because it was my BIRTHDAY! When I was placing this outfit together, I thought, how can I look experience and special without having a sign that says "it's my birthday!' It's simple! I put on my white button up shirt then my red pants. I throw on my brown breaded belt which matches with my fur vest. Then I started tossing accessories on like there was no tomorrow. I finished this look with my bag, that ties everything together.

Pants: American Eagle
Shirt: Vintage
Fur vest: Hot Topic
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: (top one) Forever 21
Necklace:(cross) Vintage
Necklace:(last one) Forever 21
Belt: Target
Bag: Aldo
Bow: I made
Bracelet: Earthbound

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