Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Obsessions of the Month: July

This is my new little segment that we are doing giving you our top 5 fav things of the month! Tell me if you like this new concept.

      This month was truly a lot to me, from the late nights of watch movies to the early morning of getting of  working out. This month was truly fun and it gave me a lot to think about. Which is the main reason why I have my top 5 obsession of the month.

5.  Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Dey Rey, & Azealia Banks


These ladies made it on my list because I could not go on YouTube with out looking up one of their songs. All of this ladies have an amazing flow when they sing and rap! With me even mentioning their super cool fashion. If you don't know who they are look them up!

4.  Nylon Magazine 
I have always seen this magazine in the store but i would never pick it up! This month I gave it a chance and I completely fell in love with! This magazine has a super cool mix between fashion and music. They take fashion and make it into a more wearable way, unlike some magazines we all know.

3. Crop Tops
I love love love crop tops! they are so comfortable and fashionable at the same time. You saw me in one for my weekly fashion, Cool New Person. The best thing a this tops are, you don't have to go out to some big major designer. You can actually make it yourself. Just cut the top in half and if you don't want the top to row or fray then tuck the cut end over and sew together.

2.  Club Kids / Amanda Lepore

 The Club Kids (late 80s-90s) were a movement of young people trying to bring their own type of culture and freedom to America. From their way of dressing to the wild parties! And it just so happens that Amanda Lepore was a part of that seen. Now in today's time, the club kids are just about gone but there are still little around but noting like in the past. Lepore has basically built her own empire. She is a Singer, a model, a business women, anything you can think of.

1. Party Monster

Party Monster is a movie after the true events that happened in the Club Kid days. It was based off of one of the club kids, James St James, book "Disco bloodbath". It basically a documentary but a hella good one. That also has amazing actors in it! I can't tell you the movie because i want you to go and see the movie for yourself. But I well say there's a murder, fabulous-ness, partying and drugs. If you don't want to see that now then your crazy!

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