Monday, October 28, 2013

Rocket number 9 or Venus?

Just recently, Lady Gaga put her new song, Venus. And a lot of people were excited to her it after all that buzz of her and Azealia Banks. Both having the song named, Venus. But to be completely honest, this song was noting like Azealia but try Zombie Zombie! Lady Gaga's Venus almost has the exacted same lyric as Zombie Zombie's song Rocket Number 9. Like WTF! OK OK, I'm going to like you listen to the song:
Now listen to Lady Gaga:
So tell me what you think! 
But, I have to say. Lady Gaga's song is really good. It's just that the first verse sounds like she is doing a cover of Rocket Number 9. I just wish she didn't have it sound just like there song because Gaga has been called out more than once by many different artist calming that she copied them. For an example Grace Jones, Madonna, and Kerli all have related reasons to in force this. Grace Jones and her outfits. Madonna and her songs. Kerli and her look but now Zombie Zombie and there song? So if your reading Gaga, I love you and I want to think everything all the way through. I know you may not care what other people think but just take in to consideration what other people my say.

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