Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lana Del Rey's Tropico

Ever since the summer I've been trying to figure out what Tropico is. I've been getting hints, bits, and pieces but nothing really in stone. My twitter was getting blown up about it but I couldn't hop in because i had no idea what the hell was going on! (If you don't follow us on twitter click here for Terence Mad and for Gabriel Reignbow) I thought Lana Del Rey was done putting singles out from her album because it was made in 2011. But then like magic I hear her n the radio was Summertime Sadness. So as we all can conclude I was so lost!
Saw I went YouTube and found the video below. Right under it was vevo explaining it all.

+Lana Del Rey's 30-minute short film, #Tropico, is an epic tale based on the biblical story of sin and redemption and features Del Rey starring as Eve. Watch it exclusively across VEVO December 5th.  See the trailer now!

I'm so glad they did this because I had no F***ing idea what was going on. So take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!

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