Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hot One!: Grimes - "REALiTi"

As a Grimes fan, I'm going to pretty much like everything she does. So when it came to last years 'Go' with Blood Diamonds, I liked that too. But now, Grimes has blessed fans with the new addictive pop record, REALiTi, and dare I might say, I LOVE IT. Unlike "Go", This light atmospheric sounding record returns Grimes to her roots, the likes of Halfaxa and Visions. Which makes it safe to say we'll be getting more tracks like it. However, Grimes stated that "REALiTi" will not be on the upcoming album via youtube page. She further explains her decision not to release the record stating that it was a demo and was never meant to be heard by an audience. Also, recording complications and formatting problems lead to the record never seeing the light of day. But now that is has, Grimes may want to rethink her decision on 'Realiti'. There's been an overwhelming obsession with the record from fans, myself included. Take a listen and see if you aren't addicted to "REALiTi"

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