Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekly Fashion: Seeking Spring

 I am desperately seeking spring! In this weekly fashion we're exploring the land to find spring, and I believe we found spring in this look. For this look I started off with the jacket. These jackets are very in this season. For an example, Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 collection is full of these jackets as well as pants. So when I got the idea to use this jacket it was like everything came together. I tossed the pants on. Then moved to my blue and white printed top. At this point, I had the whole skeleton of the look done. Which means its now time to have some fun. As any fashionesta knows accessories are what makes or breaks a outfit. So, I put on my boots that matched my hat and necklace to perfection! And to finish off the look I put on my blue, brown, and red bag.
Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: American Eagle
Jacket: Old Navy
Boots: Aldo
Bag: Forever 21
Necklace: DIY
Hat: Thrift

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