Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kylie Jenner Challenge More Dangerous than Fun

These days it might be wise to not be a slave to society. The recent viral trend or "challenge" has garnered new attention and not in a good way. The "Kylie Jenner Challenge" which derived from the likes of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and the infamous "Cinnamin Challenge", is leaving teens bruised and confused. A collection of photos recently surfaced of homemade teenage "lip injections" gone wrong. Im talking lip explosions, scaring, bruising, and did I say lip explosions. This challenge failed as quickly as it rose to the top and may, by far, be the most dangerous.

 The Kylie Jenner challenge is trending with new results of self mutilation which are completely disgusting, to say the least. Putting ones mouth to a cup and sucking seems like an everyday unnoticed basic thing.  Like when one is the drinking juice so good, they just want to suck the aroma through the mouth. Or when one is bored and HEY, they have a cup. Maybe that's what the creator of this challenge was doing when they came up with the idea. However, that persons lips are still intact and clearly didn't think this would happen:

or this:

Is this the most dangerous of all challenges that surfaced in the past years?  While the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and other videos like it  found their place respectively in random segments of the MTV show, "Ridiculousness". This challenge may just want to end here. Honestly, there is no entertaining value in this form of tomfoolery. Admittedly when first exposed to this challenge,  It left an impression of a modern day "Amos n Andy" revival. Either way this challenge sucks... Literally.

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